October 20, 2019

We Offer

In Bright Link Marketing we offer variety of brands that will fulfill your need for LED lighting fixtures and other lighting requirements

Opple bring affordable and good quality LED lighting products from their European warehouses to you. They work with the most professional and recognized distribution partners to specify and distribute OPPLE products in the most efficient way to you.

Firefly Electric & Lighting Corporation (FELCO) Established in 2001 to engage in the marketing and sale of various lighting and electrical products in the Philippines. We provide cost-effective, quality solutions to customers with any kind of electrical or lighting requirement.

Philips is sculpting the future of illumination. As one of the few companies to operate in a diverse range of technological disciplines, therefore they are one of the global leader. Their focus is shifting from individual products towards connected LED lighting systems and services, LED luminaries and LED lamps for the consumer markets.

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