T8 Tube Light

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LED T8 Tube Light is commonly used for office lighting. And it can replace fluorescent lights in both parabolic and indirect light fixtures.

This lighting fixture is more efficient than fluorescent tubes and bulbs. It is best to place this tube lights in climate controlled areas with standard ceiling heights, including storage areas, fabrication floors, and mechanic garages. They also boast better color rendering, require less maintenance, and burn out less frequently with up to 30,000 lifetime hours.

First, you should be aware that it do come in two lengths and these lengths are generally 60mm and 1,200 mm. Therefore they are suitable for different jobs, but apart from the length you do need to think carefully about the wattage that you need since this has a direct impact on the amount of light that will be emitted from the bulb itself. Our T8 tube light wattages are 9 watts and 18 watts

Therefore, T8  Tube Light the ideal replacement bulb for fluorescent tubes and they offer you more light even though they use a lower number of watts with this resulting in them using less electricity. These tubes provide versatile lighting.

If you want shorter LED tube light, our LED T5 tube light is the right fixture for you.

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Additional information

Wattage and Size

9 watts, 60mm, 18 watts, 1,200 mm

Color Temperature

Warm White, Cool White, Dayllight

Light Source

High Brightness, LED SMD

Life Span

30,000 hours


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