Street Light Cobra head

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LED Street Light cobra head is street light fixtures which are best for perimeter and security lighting. It is also used for:

  • roadway lighting
  • loading platforms
  • parking facilities
  • parking lots
  • rural homes
  • public entrances
  • perimeter lighting.

It is best to enhance illumination in municipal areas while providing savings through increasing energy efficiency, lesser maintenance needs and longer-rated lifetimes. This light fixture are always for street lighting applications because they’re shaped in such a way that diffuses light to cover a wide patch of ground.

There are hit sinks used for LED street that are similar design to those used to cool in some electronic devices such as amplifiers and computers. It assist hot air flow away from the LEDs. The region of heat exchange on their heat sink  is directly by affects the lifespan of LED street lights. Unlike their original specification, the lifespan of most current LED is through street lights is determined by their light output.

Street light cobra head have lenses in their  LED panel. The intention of the lens is to cast light in a rectangular pattern.

Furthermore, LED lighting typically does not fail in similar fashion as normal lighting. Instead, it decreases in output to the point that it is ineffective and replacement has to be done.

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40 watts, 80 watts, 100 watts, 120 watts

Color Temperature

Warm White, Daylight


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