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Panel light is a type of lighting designed to replace common fluorescent ceiling lights. It is the best lighting for indoor settings.

Panel Lights uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. LED technology has been widely used for a long period of time, but panel light is quite new to the market and it gains attention because of its design. It is build in such a way that allows for better illumination conditions.

LED Panel Lights are commonly presents an aluminum frame that has three layers. Its frame is the most important part of the lighting fixture because it prevents light leakage. The layers includes LED chips, a light guide plate and a diffuser. The light guide plate is build in the front of the diffuser and obviously LED chips in the back of the diiffuser. In addition, another important part is the solid back, that affects the appearance of this lighting fixture.

The LED guide plate is a kind of visual material built to offer bright and homogeneous lighting when connected to a power supply. The guide plate and diffuser work side by side to produce evenly distributed, wide and soft lighting. The technology used in the lighting makes instant starts possible. There is no humming, flickering or Radio Frequency interference.

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Wattage and Size

24 watts, 595 x 595, 48 watts, 285 x 595, 72 watts, 295 x 1195

Color Temperature

Warm White, Cool White, Daylight


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