Emergency Lights



LED Emergency Lights are designed to turn ON when there is no enough lighting or if the power supply is cut-off. Back then fluorescent lights were use to build such circuits. But the use of LED’s have proven to provide sufficient lighting for a longer period before draining the battery.

Establishments are using Emergency lights to limit potential injury if a building needs to be evacuated. In case of a fire, a storm, or any immediate danger, these lighting devices aid in a safe exit and lower confusion and panic. However, there are chances that immediate clearing of the facility may not be possible. In that case, then the lights can provide illumination for procedures to take place.

It is permanently attached, battery operated lights. Obviously, it is connected into the establishment’s electrical network. They get the power from the network to maintain the battery fully charged. In the event of a power loss, the light automatically turns on, providing enough light for people to leave the facility.

Emergency Light is consists of a housing that contains the battery, a circuit board and a transformer. It has two reflective lamp heads attached to this housing, with DC LED light bulbs in them.

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