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Downlight is designed for creating a mood or lighting your way in the dark. They are commonly recessed into a ceiling, throwing light downwards in a narrow beam.

This lighting fixture is flexible, it is best for task lighting as well as ambient lighting. Downlights have a trim that holds the bulb in place and hides its housing. Trims usually differ in color temperature, this allows you to match your light with the decor or style of your home. Moreover, our downlight has three color temperature, these are warm white, cool white and daylight. And it can be recessed or surfaced.

LED downlights have become increasingly popular simply because they are more energy efficient. When it first went into the market it doesn’t catch many attention because it is lower light emitted than its rival halogen bulb. Luckily, LED downlights now offer a strong focused light than halogen bulbs. Downlights are more worthy of your money because of the amount of energy you will saved and the fact that they are more long-lasting will be worth your investment.

Our downlights has 30,000 life span which is 10 times longer than your average halogen or CFL downlight. And also consider that is more safer, because it doesn’t heat up and clearly you can place downlight near flammable materials.

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Recessed, Surfaced

Wattage and Size

6 watts, 4 inches, 12 watts, 6 inches, 18 watts, 8 inches

Color Temperature

Warm White, Cool White, Daylight

Light Source

High Brightness

Life Span

30,000 hours


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