October 20, 2019

About Us

Bright Link Marketing offers array of products that will fulfill your need for LED lighting fixtures and other lighting requirements. And ensure our costumers to satisfy their needs in lighting.


Bright Link Marketing was established in 2017. We offer our costumer a variety of LED lighting fixtures that is specifically for industrial, commercial, residential and architectural application. Furthermore, we make sure to provide effective lighting to the market.

We make sure that our costumers have organized, detailed and precise transactions. You can lean on our efficiency in every project we are working. And also we make certain to have well ordered communication with our costumers.

We provide LED lights (light bulbs, panel lights, down lights, etc.), lamp posts and lighting housing fixtures.

LED Lights produce less carbon than other lights, and it uses less energy that helps you save more money. Furthermore, it last longer, more durable, and has better light quality than other types of lighting. Therefore LED Lights is the most energy saver and Eco-friendly lighting technology.

Due to fast developing community, the need in industrial material grows. LED Lights is used by construction companies and establishments for their lighting demands.

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